Hongkang casting technology advantage

Perfect production process of aluminum alloy castings

Hongkang Casting has three main production processes of aluminum alloy high pressure die casting, aluminum alloy gravity casting, and aluminum alloy low pressure casting;

Complete production equipment for aluminum alloy castings

1. High-pressure die-casting process: 16 sets of horizontal cold-chamber die-casting machines that can produce castings weight within the range of 0.020~15Kg; 2. Gravity casting process: 12 sets of tiltable casting machines that can produce castings weight within 40Kg3. Low-pressure casting process: It has a real-time control low-pressure casting machine with a production size of 1.5*2.0m and a weight of 70Kg;

Complete casting inspection equipment

Hongkang has complete testing equipment such as spectrometer, material tensile testing machine, hardness tester, vacuum hydrogen tester, cleanliness testing, air tightness testing, X-ray testing, and coordinate measuring machine;

Outstanding technology research and development capabilities

1. Hongkang foundry technical engineers have more than 15 years of technical practical experience, with rich experience in product design, process design and production, mold design and production; 2. Process design uses advanced simulation software to simulate the process system, and implementIdentify and control potential risks, shorten the development cycle, and reduce the number of trial production;

Rich product types

Hongkang casting product types cover new energy automobile parts (drive motor end cover, controller box, battery chassis, etc.), engine parts, gas instrument parts, high-pressure filter housings, actuator housings, etc.;

Perfect quality system and safety and environmental protection system

1. Hongkang Casting passed the IATF16949 quality management system certification; 2. Hongkang Casting adheres to the concept of people-oriented, safety first, and green manufacturing;